Selecting Rudraksha for Power and Positive Energy

Over decades we have benefited from the power and positive energy released by Rudraksha. It’s a wonderful fruit only available in certain Asian countries such as Nepal, Indonesia and India. However, it is available for purchase worldwide. Often one is attracted by the selling price of rudraksha and there are more con rudraksha UK sellers than a genuine one. This again applies to rudraksha mala UK sellers as well as others worldwide. The key here is dealing with a recognized and knowledgeable trader of rudraksha. 

Again there often is a confusion as to how one should accept rudraksha i.e. which one of the rudraksha should we wear, can we wear them in combination with another rudraksha, can we just wear it as a mala or should we wear it as a bracelet? To answer this question one needs to take advice from a knowledgeable trader of rudraksha. Depending on ones profession, his/her aims & ambition in life either individual or combination of rudraksha can be accepted. Similarly depending in the preference of one accepting rudraksha it can either be produced in form of a rudraksha mala or rudraksha bracelet.  

About the Author:

Sammohan Chhetri was born in Nepal and educated in United Kingdom. Since 2006 he has been residing in London and received his BSc and MSc from City University and Brunel University of London respectively. Beyond academic gates he is an active traveller who enjoys travelling with sole interest in  new cultures and beliefs. This curious side of him brought him close to rudraksha. Having researched on the fruit and its supernatural power he travelled back to Nepal and got in touch with Mr Mukunda Khatiwada who is a household name in rudraksha industry. One of the highlights of the trip was having heart to heart conversation with someone who has shown positivity (in attitude, personality and profession) since accepting rudraksha. This influenced Sammohan to accept combination of rudraksha and has since felt the need to share his knowledge and belief in rudraksha. He is one of the newest member of Nepa Rudraksha. 

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