About Us

Rudraksha Nepal Organization established online to educate and provide information on Nepali Rudraksha, Power Combinations Malas, Kanthas and Saligrams to worship and wear to Rudraksha and Saligram worshippers. There are lots of website with information and Rudraksha and Saligrams but very few which concentrate only on Nepali Rudraksha and Saligrams. Taking this fact into consideration we focused only on Nepali Rudraksha and Saligrams besides having every possible facts on Rudraksha and Saligrams.

On this website Rudraksha Nepal Organization (RNO) we will publishing articles related to Nepali Rudraksha and Saligrams concentrating how Rudrakshas are produced, treated, handled and brought to market for Rudraksha worshippers.

We will also provide information on various power combination and online shop and physical where you can best purchase.